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Something Magical

Something Magical
Series: Hawthorne Grove, Book 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
ASIN: 1519008465
There's something magical happening in Hawthorne Grove where three witches use their special brand of magic to bring two people together who need it the most...even if they don't yet realize it.
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About the Book


Serephina, Mortianna, and Esmerelda Seville were charged by terms outlined in a long-forgotten “Cupid Pact” to use their special brand of magic for bringing together the wilting hearts of Hawthorne Grove. Today’s happy couple? Kaylee Dean and Jordan Parker.

But Kaylee’s still hurting over a failed engagement from four years ago and Jordan isn’t looking for a wife. Will the Seville sisters’ magic be enough to bring this mis-matched couple together? Or will Kaylee and Jordan be forced to trust in the power of good, old-fashioned love?

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