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Too Close For Comfort

Too Close For Comfort
Series: Sweetrock Cowboy Romance Series
Genre: Contemporary Romance
ASIN: 1533680604
Cash Campbell is in love with the one woman he can never have. Having her around at all his usual haunts is bad enough, but when he has to spend the week living in the same house with her...pure torture.
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About the Book

Cash Campbell has a big secret. He’s in love with his best friend since childhood, Tessa Riley. He won’t act on it, though. Cash has seen first hand from his grandfather how falling in love with your best friend can rip your heart out and leave it bleeding on the floor. Nope, Cash isn’t going to go there. He won’t risk their friendship, even if it means being nothing more than best friends forever.

Tessa Riley’s built a wall around her heart and pushes away any guy that gets too close. She’s learned she just can’t trust a man with her feelings. But when she’s forced to spend the week at her parents’ ranch with her best friend Cash Campbell, she realizes how great life can be with the right person. If only she could figure out where to find the right person?

Will Cash’s intense longing for Tessa drive him toward a mistake he’ll regret for the rest of his life, or will his actions make Tessa realize that the right person has been standing beside her all along?

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