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Faith (Sweet Historical Western Romance)

Faith (Sweet Historical Western Romance)
Series: Goldwater Creek Mail Order Brides, Book 1
Genre: Western Historical Romance
ASIN: B0160J7CT6
Will Faith and Jax be able to find true love, or will the secrets of Faith's past tear them apart?
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About the Book

Sometimes it takes a leap of faith to find true love.

Faith Bailey won’t make the mistake of falling in love again. Not after her cheating, philandering husband died leaving her a huge debt to repay. Now forced to travel west as a mail order bride, Faith must resign herself to weaving a web of deceit and lies in order to keep her secret hidden from the man she must marry.

Jackson ‘Jax”‘ Blackburn would never have sent for a mail order bride if he didn’t have a desperate need to appear as an upstanding member of society.  A wife is an inconvenient necessity he must suffer with in order for him to carry out his plans. But the marriage is in name only since Jax has no intention of opening his heart to a woman ever again.

Too bad fate has other plans and it isn’t long before both Faith and Jax find the carefully constructed walls they have built around their hearts starting to crumble.

Will Faith and Jax be able to find true love, or will the secrets of Faith’s past tear them apart?

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