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Some Like It Hot

Some Like It Hot
Series: Sweetrock Cowboy Romance Series, Book 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Nick Bradford is banking everything on winning the Sweetrock chili contest only one thing stands in his way ... city slicker chef Sam Dunn.
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About the Book

Nick Bradford is banking everything on winning the Sweetrock chili contest. He needs the grand prize money to save the restaurant that has been in his family for three generations. Nick’s chili is known to be the best in the county, so this hometown cooking cowboy figures he’s got the contest tied up … until city slicker chef Sam Dunn shows up and tries to steal the win right out from under him. Nick’s not going to let that happen, even if she is prettier than a Montana sunset.

Sam Dunn has moved around her whole life. She longs to put down roots in Boston and establish herself as a top notch chef … until she loses her job and her apartment. When her best friend from college tells her about the local chili contest with the lucrative prize money, Sam sees a way to get some seed money to start a restaurant of her own. She can’t get distracted by hunky cowboy Nick Bradford, even if he is hotter than a jalapeño pepper. Besides, she’s not staying on Montana, and short term flings aren’t her thing.

But the chili isn’t the only thing heating up in Sweetrock, and soon Nick realizes there might be more to lose than the prize money-he could also lose his heart. Can he come up with a way to save the restaurant and show Sam what ‘home’ really means?

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