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Sleeping Heiress

Sleeping Heiress
Series: Fancytales, Book 6
Genre: Fancytales Series
Once Upon A Time...the heir to an earldom fell in love with a wealthy merchant's daughter who was betrothed to marry a prince.
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About the Book

This is a novella, about 60 pages in length.

Once Upon A Time…the heir to an earldom fell in love with a wealthy merchant’s daughter who was betrothed to marry a prince.

The girl’s father, wanting no unhappiness to shadow his daughter’s wedding, persuaded the future earl to leave the country — but soon thereafter, his beautiful daughter fell into a deep, mysterious slumber from which not even the country’s finest doctors could cause her to wake. Soon, tales began to make the rounds of a beautiful ‘sleeping heiress’, and for two long years she slept, until one day, at long last, the heir finally returned.

Though he had tried to forget the beauty he had left behind, the heir’s heart had never swayed. But upon his return and after his discovery that his late father had left him with a destitute title and a besmirched family name, Ananias Quinn, third earl of Aventry, found himself quite suddenly in desperate need of a very wealthy bride.

As convenience would have it, the wealthy merchant had long ago endowed his beautiful daughter with a considerable marriage portion — which, in a desperate about-face attempt he now promised to Ananias, if only Ananias could find a way to wake his precious, sleeping daughter…but how does one court a woman who has slept for two long years?

Join Ananias in his desperate quest to wake the lovely Lady Ebrielle in Leighann Dobbs latest Fancytales installment: SLEEPING HEIRESS – a quaint new romantic re-telling of the classic “Sleeping Beauty” tale you already know and love — but with a bit of a Regency twist!

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